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923 Pages. A4. Hardback. Weight 2.6 Kg.


A detailed fighting account of Operations BREVITY, SKORPION and BATTLEAXE using and including contemporary information often never before included in any other media. Every reported fire fight and skirmish are included with as much detail as could be found so that the history could be told as nearly completely as possible. There are over 400 pages covering BATTLEAXE in detail and 150 pages covering BREVITY with 95 pages covering SKORPION.


Heavily based on Unit War Diaries and Veterans' accounts describing the fighting as experienced by those who were there. This is a great source of contemporary information on Weapons, Ammunition, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Soft-skinned Vehicles and the Methods of Fighting and Combat actually experienced.


Extensive Unit Orders of Battle are given for both sides. German and Italian Units and their positions are extensively given including information derived by British units from reconnaissance and prisoner interrogations, captured documents, captured weapons and ammunition.


Volume Two

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