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850 Pages. A4. Hardback. Weight 2.6 Kg.


This is an in-depth coverage of the first contacts and fighting with the German Afrikakorps (Africa Corps) and supporting Italian units. This is an exciting account based on original records and many eye witness statements. It includes firefights, skirmishes and battles never before described, or never in any detail, and on a minute by minute basis where records allow. The history of the combat units of 2nd Armoured Division alongside the 9th Australian Division and other formations has remained hidden from history for eight decades until now.


Heavily based on Unit War Diaries and Veterans' accounts describing the fighting as experienced by those who were there. This is a great source of contemporary information on Weapons, Ammunition, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Soft-skinned Vehicles and the Methods of Fighting and Combat actually experienced.


Extensive Unit Orders of Battle are given for both sides derived from contemporary sources and post war accounts of veterans.  Intelligence on German and Italian units is also included based on information derived from reconnaissance, prisoner interrogations, captured documents, captured weapons and ammunition.


Volume One

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