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A View from the Minesweeper's Bridge by Commander Richard J. G. Goodwin

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Richard Goodwin entered the Second World War as a navigator and served on top-secret, highly classified mine sweeping operations during the war, on HMS Borde and HMS Whitehaven. In December 1943 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) for valor, among other medals. Goodwin participated in the invasion of Normandy in charge of landing craft and was wounded on the beach on D-Day. He was later selected by the Admiralty to travel to Central and South America as the British government’s envoy to speak about Royal Naval operations during in World War II.

Published by Austin Macauley Publishers

226 Pages

ISBN 10 1647509033 Hardcover

ISBN 13 978 1647509033 Paperback

This book was a good and fast read and recently purchased to glean more information about GOLD Beach. from the Landing Craft perspective.

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